Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Way to Watching TV On Your Windows Mobile Phone

Constantly and are you becoming increasingly popular in the Windows Mobile device before WebTV Internet technology comes to the platform, it was only a matter of time - and depending on the supplier, seems to load quite well ...

TV Streaming on Windows Phone
3.1 is available WebTV never say on the tin - allows the user to display a variety of free TV channels on the website of the desirability of the Windows Mobile device.

It appears WebTV 3.1 can act as a client connection manager to a variety of channels (the instance of Windows Media Player Mobile, Coreplayer, for TCPMP) is used in combination with the media player of choice.

TV Channels feed streaming from United Kingdom, United States and television station on the European continent, of course, is a set of movie channels such as Sky News, BBC News, Bloomberg TV live, such as CNN, is available.

Download and install
Before installing, it is the Windows Mobile device, we recommend that you ensure that you are connected through a local Wi-Fi network or your network provider for a reasonable use of the straight line internet connection. After downloading, you need to unzip the ZIP file 362 kilobytes, copy the CAB file in it, through a USB or Bluetooth connection to the memory of the Windows Mobile device.
This file is not possible to install from the desktop, and to perform the installation, you must copy the Windows Mobile device.

Is when there on your mobile phone, find the CAB installation file WebTV, follow the prompts on the entire screen, and start the installation, which are selected.

Screenshot of WebTV
Configuration news ScreenEnglish ChannelsLeicester Square webcam
I was using to watch TV WebTV
Once installed, it can be 3.1 WebTV to start from the normal screen of the program, the first step is to go to the configuration screen, which is choosing the selected language: select French, Greek, English, between.

Then the channel of their choice pretty easy case to enjoy feeding is selected. Because you do not have a channel of over 1,000, is not it hard to find something of interest!

Windows Mobile Media Player, for best results it is recommended to add and configure streaming media applications. But to get the best overall result, and use a wide Coreplayer that combines support for all media formats.

Web TV is also, eg, Leicester Square in London, will feed the selection screen webcam worldwide.

Room for improvement
average rating
WebTV 3.1 is a useful free application problems. AY works without problem on Windows MOBILE6.1 device offers a good selection of English news and movie content. To the right of the network connection or data plan - requires minimal resources, quickly install and lightweight, web TV3.1 large enough to be seen TV content on the move, easy to use solution.

In the fragmented traditional style interface Windows Mobile to start feeding in different applications approach, there is no room for a future iteration release improves.