Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Way to Watch Tv on Linux

I do not subscribe to satellite services and digital cable per year. Internet TV Linux. This is a method.

Old TV
It is my past, because had cable, it's been 10 years that far exceed. As always unnecessary expenditures home, I was looking, missed some of the best show in television history. Well not anymore. In recent years, I have not I just, I do want to use the Linux PC line, found it possible to see what you have total freedom when I saw it. Over the years, I was able to catch all my favorite shows via the Internet on my PC Linux for free, let's look at some of the programs and websites.

Based on Application Online TV
Boxer of: Films Internet on your TV, television and video. Boxer is itself the right to excellent media player. It has an excellent job of playing movies and TV shows that have been archiving. The real beauty of Boxer, however, you can at any time, online, is a variety of plug-ins available to watch TV. These plug-ins are included Justin.TV, MLB.TV, BBC and many more.

Milo: Milo, one simply Firefox, LC and Furze is a program that was created by a combination of. It lets you download your searches, favorite TV show, you can play it shows from the right main interface Micro. A simple find a plethora of multimedia simplified interface, Milo is an excellent choice for people who like to keep all the Internet TV in a place in my Linux PC.