Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Way to Watch TV Programs on your Computer

I'll be able to watch TV on my computer? Yes, I can. In fact, you can do this in two ways, 1, Internet high speed (at least 1 Mbit / s) is required. They are interested?

There are two ways you can watch TV on your computer.

Cable, satellite, etc. I see the traditional broadcast TV
Hulu is, watch TV Joost, the website, such as
The first option, you need TV card in the computer, another connection, perhaps fast Internet at 1 megabit / second or more, requires nothing more. If you have both, you can go to either, depending on what you want to see. Having a 1, does not affect the other.

If you do not have a TV card, selecting the right one can be a little tricky. However, as leader of glossy cube, you are armed with the necessary knowledge to finish reading the article.

Choose the right card TV
When the first correct TV card is selected, you will vary depending on what type of diffusion is receiving location. If you only have analogue broadcasting, you can use the card to process their unique analog connections. You do have both analog and digital broadcasting should go card supports both the (so-called hybrid card). In the United States, not for what I know, because it is no longer analog transmission, you have to move to digital TV card.

Secondly, TV card must be a can handle broadcast in high definition (HD), and must have the computing power necessary for positive current computer displays high definition. You are not recommended to go along with whether HD stream having a relatively old computer you. If you use the computer to record the flow of television (sooner or later you will), please you sure have a space large capacity hard drive for recording TV programs.
You want to record HD stream, the third If you want to save the team, the stream is encoded later known beforehand that requires enormous computing power. In the case of analogue broadcasting, TV cards, but has a MPEG-2 decoder on a substrate that requires minimal processing power, this is not currently available in any of the current card HD. You'll need to rely on the processing power of the computer.

Fourth, if you are the computer or Linux user, that in order to prevent a headache, it is proposed to find an external card compatible TV MythTV, which uses the USB port empty future that you go for the integrated card that is installed in the PCI slot. The rest of this article, is the same for Linux, the only change is in the program you are using.

While it has been selected the TV card in your computer, we recommend that if you want to check is that they are in compliance with (MC) Windows Media Center. This way, you will be able to avoid conflicts between If you look at the MC TV and TV card software on the MC.

The card is also recommended to check with the remote control included. Spend more than a couple of dollars to find the one with a remote control. Separate remote control has been the best-selling TV card itself.

Problem TV card
When you use your TV card, I do not think evil just because they have problems of installation and configuration. TV card is a hardware component that is more problematic than I've seen in my life. When I advise on the problem, go to the card manufacturer's Web site, is to download the latest drivers and software for your device. In most cases, it is you, so why not go for the first time on this, you become a path that should solve your problem?

Not explicitly card, always say there is a compatible media center does not have a problem working under the Media Center. You, the driver who was received at the box iare hardware is probably obsolete, is why he refused to cooperate with the media center. Once more, visit the manufacturer's website and download the latest drivers and software.

Meanwhile, I rather known card manufacturers suggest you go to any brand, cheap. Not worth losing your sanity to save a few bucks. I will be able to recommend strongly Hauppauge TV card.

See installation and TV
I have already touched on the conductor. You have to make yourself, since you have the latest version and hardware relevant leads available are properly connected software, open the TV card software acquires EPG and channel (guide is wait-mail program.)

Live TV recording (depending on which one you are using your function) through the TV card software, and can be done by / or media center. I, who is spending some time with the software suggests you learn in detail about its function. TV card is possible, and / or you may be surprised that you have a lot of features than I thought it did.

I see the TV via Internet
Also, you can watch TV on the Internet. He tv online, is from computer to seeing the movie so that you can watch TV, has been increasing in recent years: If you are leaving, your favorite shows, but when you are playing why wonder? Go to your TV to the Internet, may at any time see it. This concept is known as a TV "on-demand". The most popular internet television Hulu is Netflix and Vudu. You are not limited to the same course. Just please see the return of many search sites and Google Key "Internet TV" word. Part of the Internet TV, some, while the Let's look at your browser, you need to install your own software. It just depends on what site you go to watch TV.

TV itself from a computer via the Internet or watching television have become irrelevant: as an independent consideration, I would also like to mention the concept of Internet TV. Using the concept of Internet-connected TV or connect to the Internet -and it through a router to the TV, a wired / wireless live your TV- and watch TV channels online, and connect and view YouTube videos. If you are interested in the topic, television with internet connection, deeper reading about web-enabled devices, you can even start digging.