Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Way To Watch and Record TV on Your PC

You see, I want to record a TV program on your PC, computer and television - if you are not prepared, you have to be a bit of work. This handy reference, will guide the process.

How to do I prepared

TV Tuner Card is the latest hardware options that are familiar with the media. If you use most TV tuner, the online movie to see over 100 channels of high-quality television and rent, and even then you can S-Video, DVI, DEMI or composite cable to connect the hardware. Most card comes with a remote, and Ultimate and Windows 7 Vista Most editions, center media can navigate reality through the TV channels as if they were sitting in front of TV, comes. Also, programs schedule and record TV programs, and allows you to freeze the zoom, pan or video action.

Installation generally advertised on the website of the manufacturer as something like this: "Simply plug the TV cable, install the card software and easy to use, and sit at your PC to enjoy the high quality video to the right. "Now, install the card is actually pretty easy, I have to give them. However, not only for obtaining thousands, technical support and troubleshooting tips TV card is operating normally, the website is dedicated to only FAQ lost in the process, I have thousands of entries in the forum.

In this article, installation and TV tuner card, software and remote control, and how to configure, in the way, describes the amount you going to avoid the risks that cause most problems. If you are thinking of installing a TV tuner card, first read the manufacturer's instructions, then read this. After that, you are ready for installation.
Card assembly meet system requirements

Requirements of the entire hardware product out there, TV Tuner is no exception. In most cases, even if you have Windows Vista or Windows 7 on a new machine, which probably easily meets these requirements. But reading the information necessary to check the box carefully. You, if you have to say updating video card RAM or something, do this before continuing.

I open the case. Just as if all of the card is installed, after it was confirmed that it is properly grounded, and then insert the card into the PCI slot. Press firmly to secure the card with the screw. Again, you can read the manufacturer's instructions, allowing please make sure to do this properly. During away, may need to be placed at the end of the slot of the other cards cards, some might just as otherwise required. Once installed, close the case, then start your PC.
Installing software

Software, but may vary depending on the manufacturer, for the most part, and put the CD into the CD-ROM and follow the instructions. If both are present, it is important to install the software and drivers. Install TV The most common problem with the tuner, is either a failure of the installation and configuration of the driver installation or software provided.

Note: If you are running a version of Windows that offers a Media Center, you can use it to watch TV. In this case, please try to install the driver software that does only. If the TV tuner does not work, also to install the software.

If you have that there is an entrance TV capture and TV tuner, not install both open and check the device manager, there is a problem occurred after the normal function. If you sign yellow exclamation or red x appears, to help the most likely drivers and software, refer to the manufacturer's website, and.

To open Device Manager in most editions of Windows:

1. Right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.

Select the Hardware tab and then Device Manager.

3. This is the hardware that either the hardware does not work correctly with signs point × red and yellow exclamation.

4. To start the process of troubleshooting and then double-click any point of red and yellow exclamation × color. From the available options, I click the troubleshooting of this device.
Troubleshooting configuration and remote control

When configuring the remote control, connect the remote receiver to the TV card (if necessary), you must ensure that it is a secure connection. Furthermore, it is necessary to put the remote in the battery. These two problems found when the remote control fails. It is the most common problem. Some manufacturers, there is a need to install additional software for distance, some of the remote control are in the same way as the keyboard and wireless mouse, at first TV tuner card and press the "Connect" button this is necessary in order to make a wireless connection.

If it exceeds, in many cases, it becomes read for remote use, should have fulfilled the notification area of the taskbar icon green CIR (infrared). If the driver is not installed correctly, and other infrared signal is close, there is a possibility that the problem occurs. Microwave is a notorious troublemakers. And although there are many, you can install a TV tuner card worth.