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The Way To Watch Live TV with Media Center

If you want to watch TV on your PC, computer, TV tuner, you must have access to a television
signal, and the right edition of Windows.
Watch Live TV

You, Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate installed Windows 7 Home Premium or,, if you have a new PC with a professional or Ultimate, you, have a media center. Also in your PC and has a TV tuner, if you have a way to use it to access the TV signal, you can view live TV.
To watch live TV in Media Center, the following
Please press the TV button to start live view remote control 1. Live TV. On the home screen, also TV + Movies scroll down, scroll right to live TV and press [OK].
2. There are four parts in the live TV screen. In full screen, television show now airs TV station. In the lower left corner of the screen, is the information bar and mini-guide. This is the right place on screen menu is displayed when you have requested. The upper right corner of the screen you will see the volume control.
3. For detailed information about the current TV program. Pulse the Advanced button. This information bar on the menu in the lower left and upper right corner of the display screen appears. There are six menu options:
- Program Information - screen program information appears. You will learn more about immediately display program information.
- Files - I want to start recording TV programs.
- Record Series - I start recording all the TV is the television and scheduled recording.
- Zoom - I will change the appearance of the image. If you like the picture is not stretched or simply correctly, you are using the zoom to fix it.
- Mini Guide - I will show a miniature television guide on the screen. You details immediately on the mini-guide.
- Settings - Opens the Media Center setup.
Contacts, press the channel up and channel down button on the remote to change the channel on the TV. His television signal, establishing channels of change if you come from the upper box and take a little - it may take some time to change the TV channel, the source of TV signal. In addition, you can enter the channel number with the remote control or keyboard.
To help you find out show here to display the guide, you can access.
Pause Live TV

With Media Center, you can also pause the TV. Get up, have a cup of coffee, or answer the phone, free to run to the grocery store - that is, is that it's free program guide that has been established by the producer of the TV. Whenever you want to stop live TV, please just press the pause button. To resume you look at the TV left, please press the play button.
You will be able to pause for up to 30 minutes of television broadcasting. After 30 minutes, pausing only canceled TV, live playback begins again. You is because the Media Center to see who are saving up to 30 minutes of television programs on your hard drive. You can close the Media Center automatically removes 30 minutes television channel TV Changing saved.
If you do not like shopping are watching on TV, is a popular strategy is to start by looking at the TV, you can stop immediately. I'll wait for about 5 or 10 minutes. And, I will press the play button to start playing. You, as fast forward who was about 5 or 10 minutes of time, can be through while watching a television program. When, if you want to skip commercials air, please use this time. Also, after recording a TV program, you can then skip commercials to see it. You will learn more about before recording.
To rewind the TV, please press the rewind button. As with the pause, you can just rewind the current season up to 30 minutes of television. If you changed another TV channel, the 30 minutes that has been stored temporarily erased. You may go back to the last 30 minutes of the city that have monitoring current TV channel. Use the play button to go back in 7 seconds.
To fast forward the TV, please press the fast forward button. To fast forward, please click faster, button repeatedly. Button to stop playback and fast forward is pressed, and then resume playing. To skip forward 29 seconds, press the jump button.
In front of the stop live TV news, what you were doing back in Media Center before. Guide to press the stop, when considered, live TV to stop playing, then again pause button Guide.The
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