Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Way to Watch TV on Your Windows Phone 7

You can watch TV on Windows Phone 7 handset can use these new cool apps!

Are you looking for an application for Windows Phone 7 TV?
Will Windows Phone 7 is designed in some applications of the mind, television you have seen, has been only his is one. Download TV program on your computer, if you go to see the show and online synchronization with your mobile phone, you have the right tools that make it possible to do this.

The following applications are all that are available exclusively through access WI-Fib Phone market or Windows 7 on 3G mobile phone connection. Now place, if you do not have 3G data plan suitable, please note that it will not be charged.

Windows Mira of TV application Phone
Available in the market for J.P. in the UK, Mira in an easy to use package is a lot of applications free TV Windows Phone delivery of current Internet TV.

Stream can also be divided by country or category, later to return to them, you can save the favorite channel. Application screen TV, but will be displayed in landscape mode to maximize the mobile phone Windows Phone 7, Mira has only one function TV - radio stations are also available.

Red Bull TV
Bull Windows network TV TV application Phone
If a first drink, had a racing team - and now there is Red Bull TV! Windows Phone 7 TV applications for Red Bull TV is free, it offers all the best content from popular channel in a category, such as aerial sports and motor sports. Furthermore, I will offer exclusive content for fans of Red Bull Racing team.

Some of the live events, this is transmitted directly to the users of applications, video files, has all the best clips of the TV channels of Red Bull.
Canner TV
Canner for Windows Phone 7
This aims to be able to see the rare application, leaving a comment, live Internet TV. It's a social TV could say, you can tweet, gives you the opportunity to share their thoughts on Facebook for watching TV.

And popular talent of goods, to update Facebook and Twitter as we have seen, considering the number of viewers of the action applied to the web, Canner TV can be the application to keep an eye on the job will it's like free undoubtedly for download, people who have a strong opinion about what has been monitoring popular in the selection ...

List of TV apps Windows Phone 7 includes a YouTube
7. TV YouTube app is probably the worst one available in terms of user interface and do not forget to YouTube as a medium for displaying programs your Windows Mobile phone (this is quite Web browser Start search for worse part rendered page), look in your Windows Phone 7, as well as large directory of videos and clips from YouTube, you will be able to access all the complete series.

You can browse the things you already easily downloaded to YouTube to see also, integration with music and video hub!